~ welcome to the lee zone ~

hi there, welcome to my site! this is a constant work in progress. check back for updates!

~ site updates ~

01/29/2023: BIG UPDATE!! TOTW is now a mini blog! site name updated (hooray rebranding)! layout changes underway. also fixed back home button.

01/23/2023: updated TOTW. to do: blog, game, song of the week, maybe big theme overhaul, we'll see :3

01/15/2023: updated TOTW; working on implementing a game next week, stay tuned ^_^

01/08/2023: updated TOTW; added TOTW archive; fixed games link formatting; fixed some title formatting; general site cleanup

01/02/2023: no more broken links! all navbars fixed, beginning work on other pages

01/01/2023: updated TOTW

12/24/2022: reformatted landing page layout, updated links and linked pages