01/29/2023 - things are always happening.

lots of things are happening and all the time

first thing's first, we're starting out the week with a rebrand. it's been a long time coming. i've used my old username since I was about 10 and built my entire online presence around it. i've tried several times over the years to rebrand with carying degrees of success, but i think i've finally settled on a clever enough username that i'm not going to switch back in like a week.

one of the gripes i had with my old user was the fact it had no meaning in its final iteration. it was catchy, it was memorable, it was (somewhat) pronounceable... but it didn't mean anything! and it had no connection to me! i wanted a username that included my name in some way, something more personal.

enter IEEE-754.

i learned about floating point arithmetic last semester and figured that hey, IEEE kinda looks like lEEE if you squint and cock your head to the side. it's a fun little programming reference and i think it could work. lo and behold, it's not taken in a lot of places! (weirdly enough, on here, "leee" is taken but "ieee" wasn't? mine now smile)

so here i am. new and improved. leee-754, pronounced however you think it should be.

secondly. site changes. they're gonna happen second i can settle on a look. i'm heavily inspired by the look of early 2000's interfaces, specifically ones like McWorld, Fantage, Wizard101, whatever else was out there at the time... lots of funky shapes and buttons that look like candy. too much on the screen but that's okay because it looks dope. i rock with that vibe. the trouble with making that happen is the number of assets i have to make and how long it's gonna take. but we'll get there eventually.

big things. little steps. let's go.