song: Sirens - Ka & Hermit and the Recluse

recently discovered this album from my spotify discover weekly. fell in love with this song at the intro. listen to the entire album if you have the time.

movie: Moonwalker (1988)

here's the thing: I genuinely believe this is the single worst movie i've ever had to bear witness to in all my years on this earth. i've never been so into then put off then mouth-agape-confused at a movie in my life. this movie is 90 minutes long. at the 68 minute mark i checked how much time was left and screamed. the whole thing is on YouTube, but spare yourself the misery and just know that it's basically a compilation movie until Michael Jackson turns into a car to save kids across the world from Joe Pesci who is trying to give them drugs. it's the worst thing ever and i love it. ★☆☆☆☆

game: Forza Horizon 5 (2021)

had a time and a half trying to get game pass but i'm so happy i get to go on my lambo hunt all over again in HD.